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Our free technology gives drivers & dispatchers instant access to nearby shipments.

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View jobs on your phone that are on your route and ready to pick up right now, tomorrow or next week.

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Just leave the app on and we’ll let you know when shipments are available.

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Key benefits

Extra shipments
Extra shipments
Quick automatic payments
Save time
Trucks tracked on a map
Track your trucks

Accept nearby shipments on your phone

Sign up for a free Cargomatic carrier account and download our smartphone app for iPhone or Android.

• Get alerts for nearby shipments
• View jobs before you accept
• Upload signatures and BOLs with your phone



Where we ship

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco

We partner with

53 / 48-footers Tractor trailers

Box trucks

Cargo vans


  • “We can compete with anybody because of Cargomatic. It’s an amazing tool that’s helped us grow every step of the way.”

    Ethan Young
    Owner, Exclusive Industries

    Exclusive Industries | Los Angeles Cargomatic Carrier
  • “Posted rates, less paperwork and phone calls, and continuous respect from the support team.
    I love it. I wished I’ve started earlier.”

    Cesar Lopez
    Owner, Forty Tons Transport

  • “Getting paid on time is never guaranteed until now. In less than two weeks, the money’s in my bank account. No one else does that for me.”

    Luis Villalta
    Owner, LV Transport

    LV Transportation Logo
  • “This app has changed the business and really changed my business. I went from a driver to dispatch. Business is better than ever.”

    Ralph Gomez
    Dem boyz trucking and V&R Liberty Express Trucking