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Cargomatic Drayage Accessorials

Cargomatic Shipper Drayage Accessorial Definitions
(Effective: 3/15/2016)

Please see fee definitions and additional terms below:

1. Detention:
All shipments are allotted specified number of hours free time for pick-up and unloading while the Carrier waits. Detention time applies to wait time at terminal (time starts when Carrier arrives in line), or at the consignee, and applies to all loaded or empty container movements. Detention will be billed per hour in 15-minute increments, rounded down.

2. Pre-Pull :
This fee applies when, at the request of Shipper, the Carrier picks up a container from terminal without delivering straight through to the consignee, in order to accommodate a later delivery date /time to the consignee. A flat fee will be assessed for the service, including first night of storage.

3. Bobtail Fee:
This fee applies when during a drop and hook move, an empty is not available at the consignee and the Carrier must bobtail back at a later time to retrieve the empty. This fee also applies when at the request of the Shipper, Carrier bobtails into the consignee to terminate an empty.

4. Chassis Rental:
All drayage where the chassis pool provider charges for chassis usage will have a rental fee billed per day unless the Shipper has a chassis contract clause with the steamship line provided at time of the addition of a new lane.

5. Split Chassis:
Any chassis that must be picked up, or returned to, a terminal different from the container will be billed at a flat rate.

6. Dry Run Fee:
A dry run fee will apply when an empty or loaded container is not available for pick up at the terminal, or when the Carrier is not able to deliver or pick up a container at the consignee, due to an issue at the terminal or consignee and the Carrier is not at fault..

7. Stop Off Fee:
Any stop for partial unloading/loading and exams (exams: CET, MET, Fumigation, FDA, etc.) will be billed per stop. Any changes to the delivery location not communicated to Cargomatic prior to the pickup will be billed as an additional stop off charge. Additional stops that are not in the original route will also be billed at an additional cost.

8. Storage Fee:
Loaded or empty container storage is a flat fee per day after 24 hours, billed in 1 day increments by calendar day.

9. Demurrage fee:
Cargomatic will attempt to pick up containers in a timely manner by the last free day to avoid demurrage charges. Cargomatic will not be liable for any demurrage fees due to terminal issues that prevent containers from being picked up by the last free day. Demurrage charges due to terminal issues beyond Cargomatic’s control will be handled on a time to time basis; the charges will be advanced then rebilled to the Shipper with an administrative fee of 10%.

10. Per Diem Fee:
Cargomatic will attempt to terminate empties within 48 hours of notification (minus Sunday). Cargomatic will not be liable for any per diem charges due to terminal issues. Per diem charges due to terminal issues beyond Cargomatic’s control will be handled on a time to time basis; the charges will be advanced then rebilled to the shipper with an administrative fee of 10%.

11. PierPass Advance Fee:
Any PierPass fee that Shipper requests Cargomatic to advance will be billed at cost plus an administrative fee.

12. Overweight Containers:
Shipper will not knowingly ship gross vehicle weight GVW in excess of applicable state statutes. Cargomatic shall not be responsible for any charges, fines, citations, or other liabilities as a result of hauling loads in violation of weight regulations. Any overweight citation or fine is chargeable at cost plus fifteen percent (15%) to the bill to Shipper.

13. Tri-axle Chassis:
This fee applies when Cargomatic is required to use tri-axle equipment to move a 20’ container in excess of 37,000 lbs., cargo weight. Axle weights must be legal according to applicable state bridge laws.

14. Container Notification:
Container notifications (loaded or empty) must be submitted to Cargomatic via email (support@cargomatic.com). Cargomatic will attempt to pick up the container within two (2) business days, from the time of notification. Container and chassis will then be terminated to the applicable port terminal consistent with business schedule of the facility. Cargomatic will not be liable for any per-diem or chassis rental charges up to 2 days of notification.

15. Switcher Work:
Switcher work as requested by Shipper will be billed at an hourly rate.

16. Terminal Fees and Surcharges:
This fee applies when Cargomatic is required to pick up the container from a terminal where surcharges, including but not limited to tolls and gate fees, apply.

17. Other Services:
For other services not listed above, please inquire in writing to support@cargomatic.com for a rate.

18. Agreement:
Your use of the Cargomatic platform indicates your agreement to the rates and terms included herein. Please revisit the rates and terms periodically, as they are subject to modification, which will be effective upon Cargomatic’s posting of the updated rates and terms.