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Solutions at the Ports

Drayage service within 150 miles of the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, New York and New Jersey


Hundreds of motor carriers use Cargomatic to increase turns and grow their businesses.

Shippers can always rely on Cargomatic to connect them with the trucks they need, when they need them.


Cargomatic connects you to licensed truckers that meet your specific needs and timelines.

Our rating system allows shippers and carriers to rate each other to assure quality service.


Imagine if truckers received shipment information after they arrived at the port.

This would allow terminal operators to load the first available container and place it on the next available chassis, rather than wasting time digging a specific container out of a randomly sorted pile.

Cargomatic has partnered with the Port of Los Angeles to develop a more efficient way to move containers out of the ports. We call it Cargomatic Free Flow.

Cargomatic is working with a small number of priority shippers to develop this product for wider release at the Port of Los Angeles and beyond.

Visit our Contact Us page to learn more about joining our pilot program.